Matt Cello & or Spot Gloss UV - Online Quote Request

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Must be all same sheet size - Complete a separate Quote Request for a different sheet size

Print sections with same specs or common art for screen printing should be combined under 1 kind
e.g.. 3 sections of 2,000 sheets + 200 overs each but with common art - Enter 2 Screens & 6600 sheets + 600 overs
OR >> for 3 Sheetwork sections of 2,000 sheets
enter 6 Screens and 6,000 sheets + 600 overs

NOTE: Minimum sheet size is 450x320.
For small qtys (<100) an undersize sheet is able to be processed (Hand Feed)
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If more than one kind is to be celloed or if you require the cello to be priced in a separate quote - Please give details in notes.
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CAUTION - If sheets are to be celloed 1 side only.
- Please avoid printing Work & Turn then having to cut in half for Celloing
as print postion on off lay side will vary and consistent register of Screen print will not be possible.

Enter number only e.g. 250
Enter number only e.g. 250
Please ensure all relevant detail is included to allow us to accurately complete the quotation and avoid follow up questions - Thank you.