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For Koil Binding - The binding edge must match particular sizes to allow for auto binding - these sizes give a set margin from the edge of the sheet to the first hole and are a critical requirement. The Binding edge must be a multiple of 6mm + 2mm. EDGE = 6 x ? + 2 mm e.g.. 212 or 296mm and NOT 210 or 297

Note: Black, White & Silver are usually in stock
- other colours may need to be ordered in advance

Silver Wire is subject to the availability of
Silver Hangars which may need to be pre-ordered.

Note: Some Special Colours are not always in stock and may need to be pre-ordered.


Enter no.of leaves of 2nd kind of stock if applicable.
Enter Weight and Type of Stock e.g.. 350gsm Matt Art
Creasing is now completed inline as part of the Binding process!

Please use Cello & or UV quote forms for this pricing.
This Embellishment work can be completed and then held for binding as required

eg. 8pp
eg. 8pp

NOTE: DAROJI .Custom Sized Cartons are designed to pack bound books securely.
Please ensure all relevant information is included so as we are able to offer a complete and properly costed quote - Thanks.